I am fascinated every day by nature!  I often find myself crouched on the ground, watching insects with child-like wonder. Isn’t it amazing that a squishy, leaf-munching caterpillar can transform into a graceful, nectar-sipping butterfly, or that a gilled tadpole develops into an air-breathing frog? How can a small seed contain everything it needs to grow into a tree?
As humans, we go through our own amazing series of transformations, from conception all the way to the end of life, and it is not just our physical bodies that continuously change and adapt. Our beliefs and feelings change as well. I am interested in the idea of “personal evolution,” or the way an individual’s perspective and sense of self can change with age, experience, and the company we choose. Our roles shift as we enter each new stage of life, and simultaneously, every part of the world we live in is in a continuous in a state of transition. Change is a necessary process, at times intentional and at times involuntary.  Regardless of whether we choose to accept it, change is happening all around us, and we must either adapt or….
What happens when we get stuck?  What if we don’t always emerge effortlessly from the chrysalises of life?  Sometimes our wings come out crumpled or we find we haven’t quite lost that little tadpole tail. Change is not always pretty, and we might not want anyone looking while we are in the process of transforming.  Sometimes we might feel like a specimen on display, completely exposed in our most vulnerable moments.  This is where I would like to take you with my work.  My sculptures are meant to capture that awkward place in-between, where we are no longer who we were, and yet we don’t fully understand the person we are becoming.
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